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Welcome to CJA Web

CJA Web is the design and web building division of CJA Consulting(UK)Ltd.

The advent of the Personal Computer and the Internet has changed totally the way in which people and the commercial world interact. It has removed all geographic and social barriers and changed forever the way in which goods are bought and sold. Information on a scale that was previously unbelievable is now available instantaneously, free of charge, in any part of the world to anyone with the interest to use a search engine.

Without question, the Internet is the most powerful marketing tool yet to be devised. It has totally reversed the concept of marketing as we now see a consumer driven operation rather than a vendor driven operation. i.e. The consumer from anywhere in world can search out the products or services that are needed rather than the vendor actively marketing their products in the areas that they feel customers may be found.

CJA Web have established a reputation for helping SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) increase levels of business and profitability by connecting them to a larger market through the use of carefully designed Websites and the communicating power of the Internet.

This has been possible by focussing on design aspects that respond well to search engine criteria and so ensure our client's sites are connected to the maximum number of potential customers. It is important to have an attractive website but even more important to have a mechanism that signals the existence and content of the website to the many services available to search the Web.

CJA Web encourage customers to discuss their business, identify their market and define the messages that the Internet should be conveying to their customers. We will then design a website that is both attractive and optimised to find the maximum number of business opportunities.

Our customers cover a wide range of operations from a Blacksmith to a Florists and from a Farm Holiday Group to the Pakistan, Britain Trade and Investment Forum. All have experienced an increase in business activity in both export and local markets. These and many other websites designed and hosted by CJA Web can be viewed by visiting our Portfolio page.

Services include the selection and purchase of a domain name, design and optimisation of the website, hosting on our own leased server, submitting to the search engines and ongoing support or maintenance.

Our Server is leased from Donhost UK Ltd and housed in a secure building in Leeds where technical support staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We offer hosting for any size website and include dial up and email facilities.

Our Prices page gives the cost of each element of the service and includes a worked example to help you estimate the cost of a website that meets your requirerments.

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